Talas Ka

A sprawling hive of scum and villainy, Talas-Ka is the unofficial capitol of the Ilk and boasts prodigious industrial and military might. However, it is rife with corruption and turmoil and has reached a point of near implosion on several occasions. The current ruling caste is made up of various tribes of Yuan-ti who have united under the banner of the dominant Hydrass clan. With their higher intellect and magical prowess they are able to manipulate and control the brutish underclass of uthuks, gnolls, goblins, ogres and abhorent mutants.

Locations of note

The Wooden Trident

All good bars deserve some amount of respect, however this particular hovel could barely be called a slop bucket, let alone a public house. Sandwiched right between the tanning vats and cattle yards of the Umbermoth, this bar is home to all manner of bipedal filth.


Formed during the Nerul-led uprising some years ago, this former goblinoid prison camp has evolved to become a hub of shanty markets where black market items flourish.

Fighting pits of Yeenoghu

Officially, the worship of the gnoll deity is banned within the boundaries of Talas-ka, however the income derived from the savage gnoll gladiators is enough for the ruling caste of Yuan-ti to turn a blind eye for the moment.

The Grand Library of Dunhark

In ages past, this massive group of buildings was collectively known as a library, but is now used to hold Talas-ka's least desirable criminals. It was previously used to hold the records and details of every single inhabitant of the Ilk, the Grand Library of Dunkhark is situated on a number of small islands in the middle of the Wyvern's Tail, one of the few fresh-water rivers that run through the vast city of Talas-ka.

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