Myrkur Ta'ake

No one believed the half dead yuan ti found at the gates of the Pinnacle. No more than they would believe a healthy yuanti at any rate. Unsettling however, amidst the nonsensical babbling and sobbing, the crowd that had since gathered around the prone snakeperson could make out the few words. Something primal stirred within them. Certainly, the words had not been uttered in millennia, but Ilk remembers. The collectively shared pain. The memory passed down from tortured generation to tortured generation.

"Myrkur Ta'ake…"

"Mmmmmyrkur Ta'aaaaaake"

The yuanti repeated the cursed words with an increasing pitch



The yuan ti's voice reached a crescendo, then fell silent, its life drained.

The crowd grew hushed, some collapsed. The words brought back painful memories that neither reason nor passion could extinguish. Myrkur Ta'ake. No one spoke of this accursed land. Its name was poison.

Myrkur Ta'ake, the land of a thousand tombs had returned…


Image credit - Zdzisław Beksiński

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