Bulgor Troll Farm

Several miles north of Talas-Ka, in the depths of the Bulgor swamps, a nefarious clan of goblinoids have carved out a modest empire for themselves. The source of their wealth? The foul swamp trolls who breed like lice in these fetid lagoons. Valued for their huge stature and strength, these dimwitted creatures serve as beasts of burden, and occasionally food, for the denizens of the Ilk. Despite their tremendous size the trolls are easily corralled by the cunning goblins and are sold at market like cattle.

The trolls reproduce with surprising speed; a sow troll is capable of spawning dozens of slimy wriggling infants per year. The younglings will swarm all over the mother, suckling on her malformed nipples until their teeth grow in. At this point they will attempt to eat her, which invariably leads to the breakdown of the family unit as the sow angrily swats her offspring away. At this point the goblins will take the young trolls and begin a cruel training process designed to meld them to the will of their masters. By the time such a troll has grown to full size it will be largely obedient and capable of any number of brute strength tasks. It will be able to understand basic commands, and even grunt a word or two, but most will required extensive supervision to counter their lack of intellect.

Perhaps one in one hundred trolls are born with pasty white skin and red eyes. These specimens are known as Grunloks and are afflicted with incredible aggression and spite. They are also much faster and smarter than their lesser brethren and will quickly rise to the top of troll society if left unhindered. The goblins are quick to capture these pale younglings before they start killing their siblings for fun. The Grunloks are trained extensively in combat and sold at a great price to the various military forces throughout the Ilk. In combat their brutality and rage is unmatched and they have been known to wipe out entire regiments of lesser troops unassisted.

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